How nanotechnology can change the world

March 26th, 2014 | Posted by worknano in Influence

Nanotechnology involves shrinking down objects so they can perform mechanical, electrical, or chemical processes at a much smaller scale. These small-scale operations can revolutionize our world because there are many problems that can be solved with miniaturization. In fact, there are so many issues and challenges that can be fixed by nanotechnology that we are focusing only on the top 3 areas where nanotechnology can produce a lot of dramatic benefits: computer technology, biotechnology, and health/beauty.

The role of nanotechnology in computers is nothing new. In fact, these two areas of research tend to complement each other where advances in one push advances in the other. For example, nanotechnology research into smaller and smaller transistors helped push computers to reach even greater levels of processing power. This in turn helped drive efforts at better miniaturization of chip designs. This complementary push and pull relationship has resulted in even smaller models for chip-based processing. As of this writing, the next frontier for nanotechnology in the realm of computer sciences is in how to turn molecules into processing units and components. It will probably be a few decades away, but this is a potentially world-changing development. Not only will the computers of the future be able to do more, do things faster, and store more information, they will also be able to move around and transmit information much faster. A truly interactive and personalizedInternet how to turn molecules into processing units with billions of bases of individualized information will no longer be a pipe dream but a reality thanks to nanotechnology. Storing information in chemical molecules is a key step. Machines will also get smaller due to this transition.

In terms of biotechnology, and I’m talking about the science part, not the day to day part where you want to get your body in shape, like when I went on this bike trip in Holland last month(by the way, with this excellent operator:, nanotechnology can reduce complicated scanning equipment and diagnostics devices so that they can fit under our skin. This allows machines, in particular micro-machines, to replace organs, limbs, and other body parts that have died, got injured, or worn out. From your eyes to your liver to your heart, all major organs can benefit from nanotechnology’s ability to miniaturize diagnostic and operational elements. This will allow doctors to quickly scan and read a patient’s situation. This allows for easier diagnosis and treatment. Maybe finding a way to make your hair grow faster might be a problem of the past in the future after reading sites like Grow Hair Guru.

Finally, when it comes to beauty and appearances, nanotechnology can work wonders on the human skin. Wrinkles and creases can be a think of the past as molecular-level machines work to reconfigure our appearance so our skin remains tight and firm. Baggy eyes and dark under eye skin will be things of the past. What’s interesting is that all these will happen not with any highly technical or surgical application but at the squeeze of a nanocosmetics bottle. Can it work for quick healthy weight loss? No. You are getting machines to work on your appearance but they are so small that they fit within a lotion bottle. Talk about a brave new world!

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